Council for Research Excellence Reports out Results of Two New Studies at 'What is it to Watch TV?' Event Press Release

Consumer Neuroscience Research Examines Impact of Increased Distractions on Viewing, Fixation, Attention, Emotion

Ad Delivery Study Looks at Various Factors' Impact on Ad Engagement

NEW YORK - September 08, 2016 - The Council for Research Excellence (CRE) today unveiled findings from a pair of research studies designed to build on the organization's previous work to help answer the question, "What is it to Watch TV?" in today's multi-screen world.

The two newest studies, one a neuroscience-based examination of whether the traditional definition of engagement needs to be expanded from "watching" and "listening," and the other focusing on non-linear platforms (VOD, computer, tablet and smartphone) to examine how different factors impact ad engagement, were reported out at an event in New York attended by senior media research professionals from networks, local stations,

What Does That Second Screen Mean for Viewers and Advertisers? News

The more screens you have, the more likely you are to engage in media multitasking. To find out what all that means for programmers and advertisers, the Time Warner Medialab conducted a series of studies of multitasking behaviors. On the one hand, advertisers will have to work harder to get and keep people’s attention as they flit from screen to screen, the studies suggested.

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Six Questions about the importance of the TW Medialab News

Kristen O’Hara Breaks Down Time Warner’s Digital Strategy Explains the importance of company’s Medialab.

Six Question about the importance of the TW Medialab

Time Warner Selects Ball State Proposal in Media Lab Competition News

Time Warner Inc. said it has selected a team from Ball State University as the winner in its call for proposals to conduct cutting edge research at its state-of-the-art Medialab in New York.

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When losers are winners News

Those climbing to the Top of the Rock observation deck at Rockefeller Center to raise money for multiple sclerosis on March 3 may get fundraising help from a New York City startup.

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Time Warner’s Media Lab Knows What You Like to Watch News

Time Warner’s media lab got a chance to flex its brain on Super Sunday—along with Innerscope research, the neuromarketing nerve center brought in 40 people to its biometric lab and another 20 to a room specially outfitted for the occasion. The perks? Pizza, comfortable couches, and friends who like football.

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Emotional Response to Election Night Coverage Reaches “Super Bowl” Level News

Every four years, CNN has the opportunity to shine at what we do best: showcasing our political team and multi-screen capabilities through our best-in-class presidential election coverage. Election night – ripe with anticipation of surges and surprises – is our Super Bowl. According to Nielsen, 84 million people turned to CNN on…

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Discovery’s FutureTech Tests Out Time Warner’s Medialab News

Watch Time Warner Global Media Group’s Chief Marketing Officer Kristen O’Hara give Discovery Canada’s Daily Planet show an inside look at all of the whiz bang technology featured in the Time Warner Medialab.

Time Warner Inc. Calls For Research Proposals From University Partners To Conduct Study In Its State-Of-The-Art Medialab Press Release

NEW YORK – July 24, 2012 – It was announced today that Time Warner Inc. is seeking a partnership with a U.S.-based university to conduct a cutting-edge media research study at its Medialab in New York City.  Time Warner will underwrite the cost of the study for the university that submits the most innovative media research concept. The Medialab is receiving submissions now through November 1, 2012 via their website (

“We’ve already completed several innovative studies yielding insights that can be applied to our businesses in the short time that the lab has been open,” said Kristen O’Hara, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Time Warner Inc.  “With this call for proposals, our company sees a great opportunity to partner with the most forward thinking and intellectually curious minds of the academic community. This collaboration will further our collective understanding of consum

Social TV Keeps Viewers Engaged When Minds Might Wander, Study Says News

Media companies and marketers are watching the development of social TV closely. But when viewers constantly use their computers or mobile devices during their favorite shows, won’t they wind up seeing less of the show itself?

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